We love Starz!! Ella Grace has only been competing since late January and has won many beautiful crowns, sashes, medals and trophies from Starz!! Not only are the prizes amazing the directors are amazing also!! This pageant system is more like a great big family than a competition!! It amazes me to see these young girls get up and compete against each other and cheering each other on!! This is what it should be not all about winning!! Starz is the best I give them 10 stars!!                 Channon Oglivie

                                                                                                      Roanoke Al.

These two women work their stuff off to make this a positive experience. And from what we could tell, it pays off. My daughter did well, but beyond that she had a fun day.  We had a great and unexpected first timer experience and plan to have more in future. Hats off to these women and all their volunteers, helping build young girls' self esteem by doin this the right way. Bravo.                       Christy Drawdy 

                                                                                                 Pike, Ga.

This was our first time trying out your pageant system and we were very pleased!! The atmosphere was laid back and not rushed! Everything ran smoothly and the awards were great! Also I thought the necklaces and bags for each contestant was a great idea!!                                                                                                                     Rachel Smith 

                                                                                                      Atlanta Ga.

Such an incredible system. The directors truly care about the kids. They got out of their way to make every girl feel special.                                      Amanda Hayes 

                                                                                                    North GA .

Super sweet directors, they always take time to answer questions, my daughters have a great time, A+++ all the way!!                                                  Dawn Stone 

                                                                                                      Newnan, GA.

I'm going to tell you honestly, I was hoping Kam would do her one pageant, get it out of her system and we could be back on the ball field before we did your pageant. I would have never seen myself as a "pageant mom" but what my daughter walked away with.....the confidence, endless support from everyone, the girls, moms, y'all...how she was simply able to walk up to you afterward and ask a question without hesitation or needing me by her side.... showed me that her little spirit was filled that day...and I would be a pageant mom from then on out! From the second she walked in, (and I was NERVOUS, I just knew we would be shunned by the "pageant moms" and none of the girls would talk to her like she's used to) it was so comfortable and welcoming. It was an experience we weren't expecting honestly but it is her heart now. She didn't know how she would do a pageant that wasn't Starz....but she did one and she rocked it simply bc of the confidence she gained that day. She got princess....we all know what that means but to her, girl, she WON! She got her crown, her directors gift.....she was all that a bag of chips and desert. That you can't put a price tag, a number of participants on or take away! Your job is so very important and you're doing amazing with it! I think the "snotty pageant mom" idea and the fear of competition keeps a lot of people from doing pageants.  But they don't see the girls playing on musicallys waiting for their rollers to set, or the moms helping each other tape hoops or dresses up, they just don't know that side of it. If they did, it would be a whole different ball game.  

                                                                                                   Kelli Norton

                                                                                                   Newnanm GA.