Formal Wear  

Contestants ages 1-2 yrs need to wear a short pageant style dress. 3-4 year old can wear short or long. Contestants ages 5-up  must wear a floor length pageant dress that is age appropriate. Any color is acceptable. Gowns may be beaded or embellished and of glamorous style.  No cupcake dresses are allowed over the age 4. The gown a contestant chooses should reflect their personal style and complement them. Please keep gowns age appropriate.  See Examples in pictures 


 (Ages 5-up ONLY ) Contestant will sit in front of three judges panel style. They will be  asked three different questions off of contestants  BIO sheet. There are no political or current event questions.   Girls  will state their name and number only when entering the room.  Interview is a great time to let the judges get to know you. Judges will not ask questions that are not on your BIO.  Contestants will wear need to wear Starz T-shirt that is given at check in with white pants or a skirt. (Sash is required during interview).  You will also wear this for Introduction . Please See example .


Contestant will introduce themselves on stage. This will need to be something fun and sassy to make their personality shine. It can't be longer then 30 seconds. Contestants will wear their Starz National Tshirt  and white pants or skirt along with their State sash. Just like introduction See Example , Ages 5-up only. 


Contestants will model a fashion forward outfit of their choice. This should be an outfit that defines the contestant’s personal sense of fashion and their personality.  This can be store bought, custom or off the rack. OOC is exactly this Outfit of Choice. This is your time to shine. This is a fun and upbeat competition. Contestants should choose a  outfit that suits their personality and sense of style.  Contestants will model a fashion forward outfit of their choice. Their is no theme for this. Anything goes . No bellies showing or swimsuits allowed.  Ages 0-up See Examples 

 Optional Catogories 

Talent Competition, Runway Model, Photogenic, Portfolio, Athletic Wear, and Role Model  see examples and  handbook for more description.


Runway Model 


Athletic Wear